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This website is dedicated to the art forms I adore.  I make jewelry, sculpt with Sculpy III Polymer clay, paint, draw, sew, write, and I even do some wood-burning!  The items in my galleries are shown as examples of what I can do.  If you are interested in a piece of my work, feel free to contact me via the means of communication on the contact page.  I'd be very happy to communicate with you about any piece you'd like; be it pre-made or custom-made.  lol, yes I do custom work.

Order Process

To request an order, please just email or FB me to inquire about the availability of the desired item.  The 'Special Order' process consists of: A request followed by a price quote after some research on what it will take to create the piece, followed by a price confirmation.  Then, half of the agreed upon price is due up front so that I can get the supplies.  This half is NON-Refundable!  Because it is used to get supplies, I can't refund it once the process has started.   After that the second half is due when the piece is complete, just before shipment.  A picture will be sent to the buyer, as well as placed on this site.   If the second payment is refused by the buyer, or if the 'check bounces', The piece remains in my hands to do with as I see fit.  Thank you for understanding. 


I have thought about the Shipping Charges.   Obviously if you are close enough to pick up the item from me, there is no shipping charge.  However, if you do need something shipped the charges will vary based on weight and distance.   

I imagine it would cost more to send a costume to the UK, than it would to send a pair of earrings to New York.  I do not wish to cheat anyone by setting a base shipping charge that may end up being too much or too little in the end.

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